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Re: Baking my own bootable potato using mkisofs

csj@mindgate.net writes:

> I would like to know how to make my own bootable Debian installation CD,
> WITHOUT the use of those humongous *.iso files. For some reason my ISP
> frequently turns in abysmal ftp transfer rates. I plan to use a web
> grabber, pavuk, to snarf the packages off the net.
> In particular, I would like to know the layout of the installation CD. Where
> are the essential packages located? Where do I find the boot floppy
> image(s)? A tree listing summarizing the directory structure, relative to
> the download site, would be fine.

Look into debian-cd.  Oops, you haven't installed Debian yet :-(, but
it might just work anyway.

Olaf Meeuwissen       Epson Kowa Corporation, Research and Development

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