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Re: We need a FAQ. Don't you think we need a FAQ?

I'll second that.  
I just unsubscribed from the list because I don't like sifting through
a  couple  hundred messages.   Maybe  someone  could  invent a  system
whereby first-time  posters are placed  on "probation", which  is some
moderated antechamber to the debian-user list. After three 
kosher  (debian-relevant,  not in  faq,  all  others  bounced back  by
moderator) posts, the poster is fully licensed and can post
whatever  he likes (including  non-debian-relevant questions,  some of
which have  generated interesting discussion here).  I  leave you with

> However, I think the automated FAQ (second link) is helpful, and might be a
> good destination for the information S. Keeling suggested gathering. More
> attention should be drawn to it, and there should probably be a link to it
> placed in the footer of the debian-user list.

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