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Re: Playing MIDI files -- another plea

Adding another plea to the thread...

I'd like to obtain the best economical sound card for playing MIDI
externally, through a MIDI-capable instrument (organ).  I have the
cable.  I've tried it with an ESS1688 and the OSS driver for 2.2 with
no success.  ("Device not configured" was the best I could get, IIRC)
Subsequently, I tried a SB128 PCI, which turned out to be a dud AFAICT
-- a repackaged Ensoniq 1371 with *no* on-board MIDI support, the
"winmodem" of sound cards. <blech> With the latter I also tried the
potato-packaged ALSA driver, so far to no avail.  Maybe I should try
ALSA with the ESS1688?

Any suggestions as to what I can try next?  More importantly, any
success stories that I can emulate?


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