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Re: Again a stormix question

John Griffiths wrote:
> well now i'm curious..
> i thought helix-gnome was woody only...?
> any tricks you'd like to share with the list for getting and installing helix-gnome for potato?
Sorry for the missinformation... I meant some apps from Helix gnome,
some apps from KDE, some apps from Stormix and some apps from Woody. As
for the install. I reset the sources.list file to include the sites that
I wanted to download from, and used apt-get to install the apps that I
wanted. I am NOT using the Helix desktop..don't like it. I use
Enlightenment with 2 gnome-session panels. I like the gnome pager and
panels as it can be a screen edge popup,  with KDE enabled. It is
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