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Re: Again a stormix question

well now i'm curious..

i thought helix-gnome was woody only...?

any tricks you'd like to share with the list for getting and installing helix-gnome for potato?

At 12:50 AM 8/21/2000 -0500, John Foster wrote:
>"Suresh Kumar. R" wrote:
>> Hi,
>> If I use stormix, would I be able to manage the machine later without using
>> any stormix tools, but using only whatever is available with standard
>> debian systems. Or in otherwords, what I am asking is will the initial
>> usage of stormix for installation make me force to use stormix always
>> as done by some distros..
>> Any comments by experienced users..?
> In a word....NO!
>It is a Debian system: so you can always use apt to get other debian
>applications installed, from other debian sites. I currently use some of
>Storms packages on a production system that is blended: Helix, Stormix,
>Potato w/ some Woody apps too.
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