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Re: ### a problem with installing Deb 2.1

Fiki Busa wrote:
> The book in question is Learning Debian GNU/Linux (by Bill McCarty, via O'Reilly) and the corresponding CD I am using for install is: "Debian 2.1 bootable CD-Rom".
> Here's the hardware I'm on:
>         Atapi 44x CD-R
>         IDE type46 HDSiS 6326 - Virtual Sensations VS-7e
>         ES1938
>         Cirrus Logig Wave Device
>         PS/2 mouse & standard 101/102 keybd
> Possibly more info than what's relevant, but there 'tis.
The really important question is:
Is the CD cabled through your sound card? From what you have give us I
will assume that it is. If so you will need to reconnect it as a slave
drive to one of your hard drives. You will need to also rerout the sound
system cableing. This may require you to seek some professional help, or
at least get some advice on your hardware. Once you have accomplished
this you will need to make sure your system bios recognizes the CD as a
slave drive to your hard drive. I do not have enough info about your
system to be more specefic. Your system operators manual should tell you
how to check the bios settings. At the least there should be a message
indicating how to access the bios on the boot screen. The trick here is
to make GOOD records of the initial settings, so that you can always
reset them to the original settings. That will keep you out of trouble. 
I do not know for sure if the Debian CD that you have is one of the
buggy ones. Most of O'reillys stuff is EXCELLENT. I highly recommend
their "Running Linux 3rd edition" as a primer for anyone starting with
this OS. BTW this is NOT the same book as "Running Debian Linux" also
good! Some of you other lurkers that are following this thread may be
helpful here....
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