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ALSA and SB Live

Hello all,

I'm trying to get my SB Live to work with Debian 2.2 and ALSA.  The ALSA
that ships with Debian 2.2 doesn't appear to have the driver I need for
the SB Live.  So I have a few questions.

1.  I directed apt to get stuff from the unstable branch which has an
ALSA that has my driver.  Unfortunately there were so many dependencies
that kept popping up that I gave up -- at one point it just kept showing
the same screen over and over regardless of what I selected.  Has
anybody succeeded in installing ALSA this way and how?  Or has anyone
succeeded in installing the newest ALSA using just dpkg?

2.  Would it be better to just compile ALSA myself from the latest
sources?  I installed all the development packages that come up during
the simple install, is there anything else to watch out for?

3.  Or would it be easier to install sound support via the kernel sound
drivers?  Would this entail having to find the driver elsewhere?

Thanks everyone for your help,
David Bellows

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