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Re: problems upgrading standard kernel to 2.2.17-ide

On Fri, 18 Aug 2000, David Wright wrote:

> a) If you're compiling a kernel module, you need kernel headers.
> When people write /usr/src/linux, they really mean "the kernel headers
> for the running kernel".

Okay, i *do* have the kernel headers in /usr/src,
(/usr/src/kernel-headers-2.2.17/include) however, i have
/usr/src/linux linked to the kernel source in
/usr/src/kernel-source-2.2.17.  What's the difference between the
include/ and the kernel-source include/ ?

And, also, before i untar'ed the entire kernel-source package into
/usr/src, the /usr/src/ directory only contained the kernel headers and i
tried compiling the 3c90x driver module using the those headers.  I was
able to get a good compile, however, i still got the stupid version
problem when trying to do a 'insmod 3c90x'.  The error it gives is
basically that the module was compiled for kernel 2.2.17 (the version
given in /usr/src/kernel-headers-2.2.17/include/linux/version.h) and that
it could not install the module since the running kernel was 2.2.17-ide.
I know i could force the insmod with the -f option, however, i would like
a better solution.  I mean, the running kernel is *still* a 2.2.17 kernel
+ the dma66 stuff, so shouldn't the version for it still be 2.2.17?  After
all, i'm sure the stock 2.2.17 kernel and the 2.2.17-ide kernel came from
the same source.  How do i solve this?

> b) The kernel-source tarball/debian package is installed into
> /usr/src as it's "owned" by Debian. However, Debian practice is
> to unpack it wheresoever you like. When you compile it, the
> Makefile's TOPDIR looks after all the path adjustments.
> That way you can have multiple versions around, and can build
> everything as an ordinary user with fakeroot.

Ah, right, thanks for the info.  So, when compiling programs, alot of them
need to know where to get the includes and they usually want to get them
at /usr/src/linux/include, am i to assume that i *should* be sym linking
/usr/src/linux to the kernel headers i have in
/usr/src/kernel-headers-2.2.17?  That makes sense i guess.  

> c) I'm not sure about this one. However, have you tried running the
> 905 card with the 3c59x driver which is in the deb? It works well
> enough here.

I actually have *not* tried that.  I'll try it later in the day, i had no
idea that driver supported the 3c90x cards.  I mean, i've had lots of
experience with other distsributions, and they all had 3c90x drivers, so
it hadn't even occured to me that 3c59x might support it instead.  Anyway,
thanks.  I'll give it a try.



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