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Re: ### a problem with installing Deb 2.1

I'm using an Atapi IDE CD-R drive which I am booting from with the Debian 2.1 bootable CD-Rom (it came with the O'Reilly book).  Is this the correct CD I should be doing the install from?  When I boot up, the messages fly by pretty fast... how and where do I look to see which dev the cd-r is on?

Sorry if these questions seem naive... my experience is in webmaster-ing and I'm tackling the install (and other sys-admin-ish tasks) for the first time.

I'm hoping soon to be a full-fledged Deb operator!  :-)

On Thu, 17 August 2000, Cameron Matheson wrote:

> > I'm trying to install v2.1 on my machine, and I'm running into a > problem.
> Don't we all?
> > I am at the part "Install Operating System Kernel and Modules" and I > select "cdrom".  When I get the menu list "Select CD Interface Type" > none of the selections seems to work.
> What kind of CD-ROM are you using?  If you watch the boot-up messages it
> will tell you what the device your CD-ROM drive is on (e.g.. hdb, hdd,
> etc.).  Then just choose the correct device from the list and it will
> mount it for you
> Hope it helps,
> Cameron Matheson

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