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Re: Support for ATI XPERT 2000 under Debian 2.1r4??

Conrad Delbert Seaman wrote:

> [snip]

> ...I'm trying to get my X86 up and running, but
> I can't because there is no support for the ATI XPERT 2000 video card.


> any help would be appreciated...
> thanks in advance
> Sincerely
> Conrad Delbert Seaman


i have an ati xpert 98d 3d agp card, which gave me "fits"  under "xf86config," so i
just used XF86Setup to configure x and let my potato system "probe" for the "card,"
instead of my trying to choose something off the "card list."  (...not too
scientific...but effective for my purposes.)

good luck.

bentley taylor.


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