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Re: Problem with a 2 GB+ Fujitsu SCSI disk, model M2952SYU

Quoting Alain Reinhardt (alainr@free.fr):

> I have a 2 GB+ Fujitsu SCSI disk, model M2952SYU, dated 1997, that I have
> "liberated" from a clumsy 9x system.

I have several of these in their E configuration (i.e. SCA).

>  Under that system and also when I used it
> with different Linux distrib thereafter it did not work properly.  It would
> "tik" and then I would get a disk error message.

Do you mean an unusual tik? If so, it may be broken.

>  This was a year ago, and I
> cant remember exactly the nature of the error messages.  Something like
> "time-out" or "scsi reset complet" ????  I think it also went on spinning and
> spinning. At one point I also though it had a bugged sector.  I ran no
> 9x so I couldn't run an antivirus.  Finally, it seems to heat up quite a bit
> over what I fealt was reasonnable.

Maybe you're not used to 7200 rpm disks. 45 degrees C is quite hot
(but that is the limit).

> Now, I would like to make good use of it.

Seems risky.

> I see I few pins where crushed in the center part of the disk male connector. 
> I dont know if this was there before.   Could it be the cause of all the
> problems?

I can't comment without seeing the damage/repair.

> I didnt  have a diagram for the 8 jumper settings and none where already
> there.  Maybe I did not figured that out properly.   Does someone have a
> diagram ?

That may be a contributing cause of errors, if you need termination
and have got it unset. Three of the jumpers are the SCSI ID in binary,
0 (all open) through 7 (all closed).

There are another three on the bottom, two of which are normally
closed (motor start and parity checking).

There are diagrams available at fujitsu's website; better than my drawing.

> I am afraid that I will not succeed in installing that disk on my multi-Linux
> box without disrupting or, worse destroying my installed distribs.  Can I
> connect it in the SCSI chain safely even it is not working properly to test it ?

That depends what's wrong with it, as it could interfere with the
bus. (BTW if it's not at the end, it won't need termination here.)

Of course, you might try it on its own, as 2GB is big enough for a
test installation. Then you can thrash it to your heart's content.

Do remember not to let the case touch the mounting bracket except
where it's intended (insulated).


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