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bttv/i2c stack question for you smart minds

I want to install the latest and greatest bttv drivers for my Pinnacle
PCTVPRO. Two questions: 

1) The bttv homepage (http://www.strusel007.de/linux/bttv/) says I need to
apply a new i2c stack for kernels older than 2.3.34. I'm using 2.2.13 and
there is a diff patch on the page, but it doesn't say how to apply it. Does
anyone know?

2) I'm using the bttv drivers that came with the 2.2.13 kernel now. Do I
need to recompile my kernel without the driver modules before running make
and make install on the bttv source, or will it simply replace the older
modules with the newer ones?

Any good recipes for the above appreciated (also good Chinese dumpling
recipes, if you have them).


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