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Re: (3Com) Ethernet card 100Base-only capable? (SOLVED)

Hello people

Thanks tons to all those who replied (also privately).

It turned out to be a configuration problem. The card was set to

In a private mail, micha044@tc.umn.edu quite appropriately 
pointed out to me the following:

I've got several 3C905Bs in use, and they've all worked in 10BT mode in
addition to the 100BT. So... I'd suggest stooping to the level of booting
up DOS, and trying the 3COM utilities to adjust the card to auto-sense the
speed. These can be retrieved from the 3 disk set of drivers at

I did exactly this and it solved my problem right there. With the TP
cable plugged in, I was even able to the auto-sensing.

Thank you all for your help! Highly appreciated!


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