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Re: (3Com) Ethernet card 100Base-only capable?

On Thu, Aug 17, 2000 at 12:18:18AM +0200, Sven Burgener wrote:
> Now, this 3Com card sitting in this box I got given from a friend. From 
> what dmesg says it looks like it's a 100Base-only card ...? (It certainly 
> hasn't a BNC plug on it)
> There isn't any LED lighting up on either the card or the (10Base-only)
> hub. The funny thing is that on the card there *is* a LED for 10Base...? 
> Hmmm....
> On the card itself it says what dmesg says: 3Com 3c905B.
> Here I have only a 10Base hub though... looks like I *have* to get
> a new (10Base-only) card for this box then.
> If this is really so, I think it's annoying for cards as this to exist.
> Are there any specific reasons for having Ethernet cards that are only 
> 100Base capable and not 10Base also.

Where to start ...

1) the 3C905B is a 10/100 card.  However, it may not be able to figure
out that your hub is 10 Mb ... you'll have to try to pass parameters
at boot or when you load the module.  See the BootPrompt HOWTO for
details (I swore off 3Com cards a year or two ago so I can't remember
the specifics, but you need to force the card to 10/half).

2) There are valid reasons for 100 Mb only cards ... you avoid the
annoying and often faulty autodetection problem.  Simpler to build ==


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