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Re: Web browsers for Linux (was: Re: Netscape Bus Error)

=?iso-8859-15?Q?Andr=E9_Dahlqvist?= <andre@beta.telenordia.se> writes:

> browser you can do so. I am pretty sure that we will see a browser-only
> debian package of Mozilla pretty soon, and a mailnews package for those
> who want that. Looking at mail headers over the years have tought me

The current mozilla Debian package (M17-1 here) *is* a browser-only
version (unfortunately, it has no themes either).

> Although I must admit that having to install around 20 different
> packages (libgnome32 and friends) in order to be able to run Galeon
> doesn't strike me as very light weight nor nice from a users
> standpoint, but who am I to judge?:-)

Shouldn't it be possible to run Galeon (alas, no deb available, and it
seems impossible to compile it) without GNOME (of course, the
libraries are unumbearable, but they don't occupy much space on the
hard disk)?


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