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Re: potato froze up

On Tue, Aug 15, 2000 at 01:04:23PM -0400, Mathew Johnston wrote:
> I have a potato box that is running samba, mysql, apache, proftpd,
> Xwindows (but connects to another box to run all of its apps) and is a
> masq firewall.  Last night it froze up while running a screensaver
> remotely (on the other xwindows box, over the lan).  No messages in
> syslog.  I'd like to stop this from happening again.  Any ideas as to
> how to track downt he offending software? By froze up, btw, I mean
> wouldnt accept ssh connections, etc, not just like X froze up on it's
> own.   I know its just one crash, but I dont want to have to put up with
> an unstable box :) (and yes, I know its probably x doing it, but x has
> to run, as i dont have another spare box laying around :)

What kernel are you running?

I had a string of crashes from Jan - May of this year running 2.2.14 and
a remotely mounted Samba partition.  Conflicts with the 2.2.14 kernel.
You should update to 2.2.16 or later (for several reasons) or go with a
2.0.36 or later 2.0.x series kernel.

In my case, system would freeze and/or lock up, or spontaneously reboot.
This was generally preceeded by several hours by a kernel Oops in

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