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Re: cd burner

On Aug 12 2000, Dale L . Morris wrote:
> I'm thinking of getting a cd writer for my system. Any suggestions
> on brand, model, etc..? My system is an athalon 600, non-scusi,. I'm
> pretty new to all this so ease of install, compatibility and use are
> important.

	Well, I used to have a SCSI burner, Ricoh MP6200S and it was
	incredible at the time -- I was very excited about it being
	able to record CD-RW discs. But then, after two years (I
	think), it died.

	About half an year ago, I bought a new burner, a HP CD-Writer
	Plus 9100 (a CD-RW IDE drive).

	It works like a champ with Linux (be warned that you'll have
	to compile SCSI emulation for IDE devices, but this is very
	simple) and the drive is *very* fast (it's a 8-speed writer
	for CD-R media an 4-speed writer for CD-RW).

	Just so you are aware, HP has at least one newer/faster model
	of this drive out now, the 9300 series -- so you might like to
	buy it instead (it's exactly like my drive, with the exception
	that it writes CD-R media with 10-speed).

	But now I'd like to ask you some questions about your Athlon
	system: which chipset and motherboard are you using? Are you
	using UDMA modes for your harddisks without any problems? Any
	extra information that you might have is welcome, as I'm
	planning on buying an Athlon for me next month (I'm saving
	money right now).

> thanks
> --dale 

	[]s, Roger...

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