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RE: cd burner

	Since this came up, I thought that I would ask a similar question.  I've
been using an HP CD-Writer Plus 8200 Series which has worked like a dream
with one exception: I can't burn those credit-card/business-card size CDR's.
I have heard that the Memorex burners will, and I was wondering if anyone
had any suggestions.



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> From: Dale L . Morris [mailto:dlm@well.com]
> Sent: Sunday, August 13, 2000 1:53 AM
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> Subject: cd burner
> I'm thinking of getting a cd writer for my system. Any suggestions on
> brand, model, etc..? My system is an athalon 600, non-scusi,. I'm pretty
> new to all this so ease of install, compatibility and use are important.
> thanks
> --dale
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