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Re: cannot get all the galeon files

On 13-Aug-2000 Thomas J. Hamman wrote:
> Andrew, is your E-mail address set correctly?  I tried replying to you
> directly but my mails were returned.

I checked my logs and it appears your mail server IP does not resolve
correctly, that is why your mails bounced.  Sorry about that.

> Anyway, to answer some things you asked me, the official place to get
> Galeon (source and rpm, but the rpm doesn't seem to work in Debian) is
> http://galeon.sourceforge.net.  But to compile Galeon's source you need
> either Mozilla's source compiled (unless you make symlinks to dozens of
> spread out headers yourself....), or the mozilla-dev rpm which provides
> just Mozilla's headers.

The Galeon rpm seems to work for me, I just used Alien to make a deb from it.

> I honestly don't know why you're having trouble downloading.  I wouldn't
> mind sending you my alienized Deb of the headers if you'd like, but like
> I said your E-mail address doesn't seem to be working for me.

Thanks.  I have everything working now.


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