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Re: cd burner

On Sun, 13 Aug 2000 13:22:54 MDT, Nate Duehr writes:
>The Yamaha at work burns at 8X while copying directly from the other 20X
>CD-ROM on the same IDE chain without running the buffer empty or even
>close to empty.  Machine has 64MB RAM and a PIII-450.

While this is ok, slower machines may run into problems. My trusty P90 
here at home wouldn´t go faster than 1x with an IDE burner, while I can 
do 8x without problems now that I invested in an SCSI-burner (a TEAC 
CDR-58S). With the added feature that I can now copy CDs from the 2nd 
IDE-channel to SCSI while happily ripping&encoding on the first (yes, I 
have 2 CD-roms and a burner) and work, all at the same time.

Just my 2 (euro-) cents,

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