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alien & apsfilter & lpr-ish daemons

  - The man page for alien says not to use it on source packages.  I
    understand apsfilter is mostly sh source.  Can I use alien on it
    (a .tar.gz archive)?

  - Is there a better way to do this?  I'm apparently fighting a known
    problem with lpd's; apsfilter runs under UID daemon, lpd control
    file is set to root instead of daemon, apsfilter fails.

Suggestions as to how to deal with this are most welcome.  What did
you do?  Does magicfilter, et al, handle this any better?

This is on a slink box, now runing lprng (but considering going back
to lpr), and upgrading apsfilter to 5.4.2 + patch (from apsfilter.org).

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