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Re: Expiring mail

On 13 Aug 2000, Arcady Genkin wrote:

> Are there any non-interactive tools to expire mail from a mailbox?
> I have procmail spliting my mail into many mailboxes, and then use my
> mailreader's expiry functionality.  I would like to rather run
> something from crontab.
> I'm looking for something that would be able to:
> 1.  Delete messages older than a specified date.
> 2.  Move messages older than a specified date (i.e. archive them
>     away).
> Thanks for any pointers!
> -- 
> Arcady Genkin
> Don't read everything you believe.
This would be quite easy if your mail is in Maildir format. Since you
say "mailbox" I assume this is not the case. Qmail used to create mbox by
default with the option to compile with Maildir. I imagine most mail
user agents can be compiled or configured to use Maildir. Since Maildir
uses a separate file for each post, you can see how easily this could
accomplished independent of the capabilities of mail user agent. Info on
Maildir format might be found at qmail but I really don't know. Perhaps
there is info there on how to do this, it seems to be something people
would be in need of - I mean -  something for which there is a need.
Why on earth shouldn't a sentence end with a preposition? 

I am using the newsgroup my isp expires the articles for me.  

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