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Re: Apache w/ Potato, strange .CGI functionality.

At 10:21 2000/08/13 +0200, you wrote:
Some pointers:

- Is the first line of the script: #!/usr/bin/perl ?? or did you try the execution from the commandline by 'perl <script>' ??

First line is #!/usr/bin/perl
which perl gives me "#!/usr/bin/perl"

- Make sure there's a handler for .cgi scripts (srm.conf)

Yup, there is in each virtual host (as I said, the exact same script works when run from the cgi-bin directory on each virtual host)

- Make sure permission are correct (executable for world) (httpd.conf)


- You could try using ScriptAlias, maybe that'll give you something (httpd.conf)

I have a ScriptAlias for each one, but I want to run it outside of the script-aliased directory, in the ~user directory.

I tried another experiment, removed the apache-perl package, and installed the apache package (IE: removed mod_perl), and it's all working fine. Does anyone know of a difference between apache-perl and the usual mod_perl methods? Are there things assumed in the compile step that someone using a non-standard apache setup should know?

I've never programmed for mod_perl before, I'd like to use this box to learn how. Should I roll-my-own, and not use the packages at all?

Thanks again!
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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