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Re: stymied by Deb, went FreeBSD instead

On Sat, Aug 12, 2000 at 12:26:41PM -0700, Greg Strockbine. wrote:
> I have a 14 gig drive I wanted to devote
> entirely to Debian Linux or FreeBSD.
> I made the Deb boot floppies, booted up,
> and got stymied at the Partition hard disk
> step in `cfdisk'.
> It showed me the whole disk, which at the time
> had FreeBSD 3.1 on it.
> I figured I needed partitions for
> root  = 100 Mb
> swap  = 512 Mb
> /usr  = rest of disk
> so.... I couldn't figure out how to size the
> partition.  Did I need to make a Linux Partition
> first, then size that.  And why does the Linux
> Swap partition appear as a seperate entity in
> cfdisk->type list?
If you wanted to devote the whole disk to Debian, then I assume you want
to delete any existing partitions first on that drive first.  Then when
you press 'n' to create a new partition, it defaults to creating a Linux
partition and it asks you what size.

Swap uses a different type of partition, so after you create the swap
partition you can set it's type to Linux swap (type 82).

> Then decided to make a CD-image, but never finished.
> Then while scanning the documentation, 
> found something that said you could do a network
> install and you only needed 2 floppies.  But then
> I thought I remembered reading on the mail list
> that its not supported.

I used two floppies and had the install grab the drivers and base
tarballs off my DOS partitions--I don't know if you can get them over
the net during the install instead, but I think someone else has
suggested it.

> plus in the install manual for Debian 2.2, it
> says you probably will need 2-3 gigs for /var
> so you can do an `apt' update in the future.
> what's that all about??
Apt is 
> After all this, I'm still interested in installing
> Debian Linux.  I guess I just need to experiment more.
> hmmm.... I have partition magic 4.x, and it lets me
> created a Linux extended partition - what's that?
> Can I use that?
> running out of midnight oil
> - greg strockbine
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