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Re: Anyone using nwclient on Debian?

Hi, Aidan,

As I understand, Novell's client doesn't provide any administration
functionality.  I've never used it (or Caldera, for that matter), but I
think they provide much the same functionality as ncpfs.

Now, Caldera also includes software that will let Linux act as a bindery
server, with administration taking place in SysCon, or at a command prompt
in Linux.  You, however, are running NDS.  I'll be impressed if they have
NDS admin utilities (like, say, NWAdmin) that run in Linux.

You ought to look into ConsoleOne.  It's Java, so it _should_ run on any
platform.  They do distribute it in an odd way, though.... their
downloadable installer installs a JVM along with ConsoleOne - even
if you've already got one.

I've used it under Windows, and it's not bad (much better than what they
distributed with NetWare 5.0).  Maybe I'll have enough free time soon to
try running it under Linux :)  You ought to try it.

-Matt Stegman

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