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Re: Netscape 6 PR2 with Debian 2.2

On Fri, Aug 11, 2000 at 11:21:45PM +0100, Edmund GRIMLEY EVANS wrote:

> Now the installer runs, but netscape-installer-bin crashes, apparently
> as soon as it tries to download something:

Let me give you an advice: use Mozilla and not Netscape 6 prX. Sure, they use
the same source base, but Netscape has managed to skrew things up rather badly
with their additions. And do you really *want* any of their aditions?

Use the real deal, use Mozilla:


Try the nightly M18 builds if you're brave, they have some mighty impressive
speedups compared to M17. Also the Classic skin in M18 is very much more
polished. If you run into problems with Mozilla I would gladly help, but
Netscape 6 prX stuff is not my area.

// André

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