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Re: Galeon, galeon, galeon

On Thu, Aug 10, 2000 at 08:56:03PM -0400, Jonathan Markevich wrote:
> I was very tempted just to let it go, but I had to keep trying.  There are a
> LOT more that just gtkmozembed.h missing, as some of you mentioned.  I can't
> understand why this is so difficult... why not bundle all of the necessary
> mozilla headers, except that one, if it's such a difficult license problem??
> Anyways, it's not your fault!  Does anyone have it compiled, that I can
> download?  Alternatively, can I get the Mozilla headers all tarred up from
> someone?  The full mozilla download is kinda ridiculous for this task...
> Thanks.
Well, I still have the compiled source sitting on my hard drive, so I
could send you the headers.  You still have to have the binary mozilla
package installed, of course, and you still might run into the same
(still unsolved :( ) compilation problem I had.  If not, though, I
wouldn't mind a copy of your binary. :)  Mozilla M17 looks nice and
_relatively_ stable, but it reminds me of when I ran Netscape 3 under
Windows 95 on a 486/33 with 8MB of RAM--everything is okay, just don't
dare open up _another_ program!


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