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Re: boot tries to load all modules

Here are the (innocuous looking) contents of /etc/modules:

# /etc/modules: kernel modules to load at boot time.
# This file should contain the names of kernel modules that are
# to be loaded at boot time, one per line.  Comments begin with
# a `#', and everything on the line after them are ignored.


I also just checked my kernel configuration. I have enabled loadable
modules, disabled version information, and enabled the kernel module

"Eric G . Miller" wrote:
> Check /etc/modules.  I can't think of anywhere else boot time modules
> would be specified.  Also, you're not running kerneld with > 2.1.x
> kernel are you?  /etc/modules should *not* have an auto line -- and you
> probably would have a warning in your syslog about this.  Anyway, if
> everything but the kitchen sink is listed in /etc/modules, this is the
> culprit.  Just comment or delete the one you don't want at boot.
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