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boot tries to load all modules

I recently upgraded my system to woody. It's a laptop, so I also
downloaded the kernel source, pcmcia source, and alsa source to build
the system with apm, pcmcia, and sound support. At first, I thought I
was experiencing a sound configuration problem because /etc/init.d/alsa
was always failing to correctly set up and configure the alsa modules.
After some experiments and reading through the logs, I've discovered
that during boot, the init system is attempting to load EVERY module in

After some customization of the alsa init script, the system works fine.
Sound works, pcmcia works (at least for networking), and all other
applications seem to work; however, this problem leads to annoying
little quirks in the system. I can't shut down the pcmcia services, and
I had to delete all non-essential .o files in the sound modules
directory to be able to shut down the sound system. Plus, I suspect that
the system is loading all the other modules such as fat support, etc.

Has anyone else run into this problem? Why would init try to load every
module? How can I fix this?

For reference:
Debian woody running kernel 2.2.17 with apm support, no scsi, and mostly
the same otherwise. It's installed on a recent IBM thinkpad T20 with
256megs and a PIII700. It uses the cs461x sound module and i82365 pcmcia
controller. Because the sound module was being loaded prior to
/etc/init.d/alsa being called, it would exit before calling alsactl
because it thought the driver was already started. So I modified alsa to
call amixer with some reasonable settings.


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