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re: temporary allowing telnet to use x-windows

ok...I'll try to clarify this....Basically, What I want is:

o User is on one machine in local network (windows)
O Wants to connect to a second machine (debian)

user wants to telnet to debian (using windows) then wants to try to run x-window via telnet.

how can these be done temporarily and easily? with no regard to security if it will make it easier...

Does it make any sense? there is no particular reason why we want to do this other than just to try and make it work.

...if I've misunderstood your post, please clarify your question.

One possible other interpretation is that you are trying to telnet
*from* to, and want to start an X session *on the
remote host* (note that this ordinarily isn't viewable to the user).
Generally, the file /etc/X11/Xserver disallows non-root users from
initiating an X session unless they're sitting at the console.  See
file for further information (its about a dozen lines).

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