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Re: temporary allowing telnet to use x-windows

On Wed, Aug 09, 2000 at 05:56:01AM +0000, john smith wrote:
> ok...I'll try to clarify this....Basically, What I want is:
> o User is on one machine in local network (windows)
> O Wants to connect to a second machine (debian)
> user wants to telnet to debian (using windows) then wants to try to run 
> x-window via telnet.
s/x-window/x client/

A given X application is called a client.

You'll need an X server on the Windows box.  Several are available,
including Hummingbird Exceed, WRQ Reflection X, and others.

> how can these be done temporarily and easily? with no regard to security if 
> it will make it easier...

I provided this solution in my post.  You may have to look into xhosts
and Xauthority.  RTFM or repost here.

Note that what you're doing is **QUITE** insecure, and could provide
worldwide access not only to data in transit between the boxes, but both
the Linux and Windows desktops as well.  I'd discovered this
inadvertantly while playing with an X screenshot grabber pointed to a
remote display -- it grabbed another user's X session -- which happened
to be obscured by Windows, so I got their Windows desktop....

You do the math.

A preferred alternative might be to use a VPN via an ssh channel:


...this gives you access to the Debian box, security (via ssh), session
independence (your windows box dies -- so what).  I'd recommend it.

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