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Autostarting Apache and MySQL

I am trying to get Debian automatically to start, 1) MySQL and 2) Apache

According to the FAQs, rc.local does not work and I am supposed to develop some scripts in /etc/init.d which take the arguments start', `stop', `reload', `restart' or `force-reload'
First of all, all I want to do is to start these automatically upon boot up. I do not care about the stop, reload, restart, or force-reload and would prefer not to deal with them unless Debian insists.
Secondly, precisely what language do I use. Eg: will the following, for Apache work:
/usr/local/apache/bin/apachectl start
If this language will not work, what will? And can I omit this reload and other items about which I do not care.
Also, of course, precisely what language do I need for MySQL?
I understand that Debian automatically begins on run level 2. Do I need to worry about other runlevels?

Thanks in advance.


Duncan C. Kinder

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