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Re: Linux client through MS Proxy Server 2.0

Doing NTLM authentication should be possible. I posit this since the samba team was
able to figure out how to do it for their project. I once spent a little time looking
at it but didn't get that far. If you're really determined you should probably drop
some questions on one of the samba lists.

"CHEONG, Shu Yang [Patrick]" wrote:

> Hi guys,
> Finally, I have found the answer to my problem: "Acessing the Internet with
> a Potato box via MS Proxy Server 2.0".
> Here it is:-
> MS Proxy Server basically allows 3 types of authentication, namely :
> Anonymous, Basic and NTLM (also known as NT challenge/response). The first
> speaks for itself. The send basically require the client to send a user name
> and password for authentication before access is allowed...however the user
> name and password sent is in clear text. And finally, NTLM require the
> client to send a user name and password, which is encrypted, before access
> is allowed.
> The MS Proxy Server which I am trying to authenticate before the Potato box
> is allowed access to the Net has been set to use NTLM authentication...and
> here is the bombshell....the only browser (AFAIK) which can authenticate
> using the NTLM "handshake" is MS IE...what do you know..talk about cornering
> corporate users into using nothing but MS IE....
> So it looks like the only place where I can tinker with Linux and other *nix
> is at home.....
> Well,  I am still hoping that someone knows of a way to authenticate the the
> MS Prxy Server using the NTLM "handshake" but not with MS IE.....
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