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Linux client through MS Proxy Server 2.0

Hi guys,

Finally, I have found the answer to my problem: "Acessing the Internet with
a Potato box via MS Proxy Server 2.0".

Here it is:-

MS Proxy Server basically allows 3 types of authentication, namely :
Anonymous, Basic and NTLM (also known as NT challenge/response). The first
speaks for itself. The send basically require the client to send a user name
and password for authentication before access is allowed...however the user
name and password sent is in clear text. And finally, NTLM require the
client to send a user name and password, which is encrypted, before access
is allowed.

The MS Proxy Server which I am trying to authenticate before the Potato box
is allowed access to the Net has been set to use NTLM authentication...and
here is the bombshell....the only browser (AFAIK) which can authenticate
using the NTLM "handshake" is MS IE...what do you know..talk about cornering
corporate users into using nothing but MS IE....

So it looks like the only place where I can tinker with Linux and other *nix
is at home.....

Well,  I am still hoping that someone knows of a way to authenticate the the
MS Prxy Server using the NTLM "handshake" but not with MS IE.....

Patrick Cheong
Information Systems Assurance
Measat Broadcast Network Systems
E-mail: patrick_cheong@astro.com.my
Visit us at: http://www.astro.com.my

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