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Re: System locked and now complains at startup about modules

:: On Sat, 5 Aug 2000 14:30:35 +0200, David Reviejo <dreviejo@terra.es> said:

> Two weeks ago I tried xmms with the same result: a locked system; I
> think this app is broken. Don't use it (try freeamp), and see what
> happen.

Hmmm... I'll begin using FreeAmp.
But I think the system locked once without xmms.

Anyway... I'll wait and see what happens.

>> But at startup, it now makes strange complaints, like:
>> modprobe: can't locate module #
>> modprobe: can't locate module are
>> modprobe: can't locate module with
>> But these are parts of commented lines in /etc/modules!!!

Ok, after a new upgrade with dselect, the problem was gone... I think
modutils had some bug!

So, the 

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Institute of Computing - Unicamp - Brazil
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