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Re: [Q] Can Samba mount 'shared' (not 'served') Win drives ?

Here's a thought - are you attempting to mount
as the name of the share? If so, your shell will probably be getting confused by the dollars sign. (For those who don't know, NT W and NT S create shares of c$ and d$ and so on for the root of each drive. The $ stops the share being browseable (to use samba terminology) )

Try creating a new share on the same drive, and call it something else. I think the $ was a bad choice of character on MS part.

At 08:25 AM 8/4/00 -0400, you wrote:

This might be a trivial questions with a quick No! as the answer ...

At work, in a predominantly NT environment, I use Samba to mount drives of
the NT servers on the Lan. However, I'd also love to access files on my
(vanilla NT 4.0) desktop at work which is set to let other 'share' its
files.  I tried mounting these from a Linux box but failed.  Is there a way
to get to these files so that I could access the files from Linux?

CC's welcome as I am not currently subscribed here...

Thanks, Dirk

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