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Re: X with a S3 Trio64V+ card

Stefan Bellon wrote:
> Hi everybody!
> Does anybody have a XF86Config file for the S3 Trio64V+ card? I've
> managed to get a 800x600 running, but I'd like to increase to 1024x768.
> Whenever I modify the XF86Config (with XF86Setup) to contain a 1024x768
> ModeLine, the server dies when trying to start it.
> Isn't such a resolution possible with this card?

I have S3 Trio64V+ in a EonTronics Renoir card, originally with 1MB,
lately upgraded to 2MB.  I have 1152x7??x16bpp.  I had to use 1152x7??
at 8bpp until my upgrade.

What color depth are you trying to use?

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