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Adapted AHA1542 Problems.

Hey again.

I've got an old ISA AHA-1542CF SCSI card in my new fileserver. The bios for the card boots up OK, and I can see all devices on it (just a zip drive right now, ID 6), but the card isn't being seen in Debian. I compiled the driver as a module (I've recompiled a much nicer kernel already, cut the size in half), and the module's available in Modconf, but I get a "Device or resource busy", and the installation fails.

One of the message states that this may be caused by an invalid IO, IRQ, or DMA. The IO is non-standard, I have it on 0x130.

So, I tried to fix that with a boot parameter, "aha1542=0x130", but that doesn't seem to have done anything either.

Would someone please point me in the right direction?
Thanks very much!
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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