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Network Printing, from an Apple, to Debian, one small? problem

Ok, thanks to all the great suggestions, I can now see the Canon on the Mac+, and it tries to print.
The problem is, there's no PPD file that I can find for it.

Does this mean that I'm screwed?
I've searched the canon site, I downloaded the canon set from Adobe, but there's nothing that even looks remotely similar to my printer in those files.

(On the up side, it works like a charm with Samba on the PC, and all the Appletalk mounting is working just fine. All that's bust is this printer for the Mac)

My printer is setup like this (from /etc/printcap):
lp|bjc1000|Canon BJC-1000:\

and my papd.conf file looks like this:

AFAIK, this should spool the print jobs as the user who's printing them, but I'm worried about the lack of ppd line. The LaserWriter driver is installed on the Mac+, sees the network printer, and attempts to print to it, but it never gets to the print queue (as seen from lpq).

Thanks again!
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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