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Re: OT: less v. more & CCing

On 02 Aug 2000, Bolan Meek <Bolan.Meek@wcom.com> wrote:
> On topics arisen from this discussion,
> Gerfried Fuchs wrote:
> > ...BTW, please refrain from sending to _both_ the list and me, 
> > I read the list. ...
> One may assume that those whose names one sees often
> are subuscribed, but how to be sure, generally?  I propose

 One can't know. But one should read the list s/he's posting to. If s/he
doesn't it's not your fault. In general, on open lists you should assume
one is reading the list s/he is posting to. For this one her
(debian-user, to which this thread was crossmailed) this isn't right for
my person. But the original discussion was on debian-devel and I also
sent this to this special list.

> a habit of including in the .sig a notice:
> 	I'm on this list

 A signature is a signature is a signature. And has in general nothing
to do with the article. I say in general, some people tend to add
special signature according to the topic (like Sven Guckes, if you know

 As you can see from the headers, the list of Cc: is getting longer
every time, then. And how should I know what e.g. Ben had in his
signature about being on the list or not? How should one know what your
intention was to Cc: him?  This might work for the first time, but not
for the next replies (which, on a discussion-list are very likely).

> And removing it when not needed.  I think that will help
> newcomers, as well as those who have the habit of
> leaving the poster on the To/Cc: list.

 I go another way: I included now a header that should be respected by
most MUAs:
Mail-CopiesTo: never

 I think newcomers should rather be guided to _not_ Cc: one posting to a
list than to rely on some obscure sentence in one's signature. The
header I noticed is a proposed draft that is included in some MUAs, and
will quite possibly be in by more in the future.

> In other news, in accordance with the OT in the Subject:, I'm
> sending my reply to -user...

 Which I don't read, so if you want to reply to this you might want to
Cc: me, but I hope this is not neccesary. I'm not likely to subscribe
-user, I'm on far too many lists.

 Have fun!
Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday

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