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gzipped readmes in /usr/doc/*


i'm seeing a lot of README.*.gz in /usr/doc/*

i'm guessing it's been done that way for the sake of space-conservation.

i'm admittedly frustrated at the fact that, from all i know about it right now,
i'll have to un-gzip any of these packages before i'm actualy able to read
them.  there's more to this life than computers, and there's already too mucy
time needing to be spent on this thing, when it's not even out of the docks yet.

the question:

what is the command to read these README documents, without having to first use
a command to un-gzip the same?

if there is no such command:

	1) how to read a gzipped text-document, without un-gzipping it?
	2) these readme files are so small, why bother gzipping them and throwing
another step into it?

either way:

	if keeping the document-*zip-up..document-un*zip steps in the process: 

		can we try bzip instead, please?

			it's got a -keep-original-archive-file argument, under a different syntax
than that. bzip might also have a more efficient compression-algorithm than
gzip, though i haven't done any benchmarking on it myself.

-- sean

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