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Getting debian CD to recognize SCSI disk(s)

       I found quite by accident that I can boot from CD  but the
procedure does NOT recognize
my scsi drive(s).  According to the logon message I have two drives but
1 doesn't seem to have been recognized under MS95.
       That's another issue the primary drive was partitioned using
Partition Magic, just before
I started to load Linux.  I / we had trouble in that the boot loader
wasn't found on the CD
where the text said it would.  In fact the last two levels of directory
were missing in the path.
So, Ethan Pierce - one of you - assisted me for a couple days till we
ran into the scsi problem.

     If  one or more of you want to take a shot at this I can supply you
more definitive data
on the approach used and the warning message I got when doing an
install, using the files
Ethan provided.                                                 Waiting
with open arms, Ed

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