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Re: newbe's question about mount points

Ezequiel  <ezequiel@cedipad.com.cu> writes:
E> I'm new to Debian, and I've noticed that in this distro /floppy and
E> /cdrom are not placed inside /mnt as in RedHat. Can someone explain
E> me why?

"Because" and "it's been that way historically" are probably the best
answers.  Note that this is trivial to change: create the new
mountpoints and change /etc/fstab to taste.

E> Isn't /mnt the directory for temporary mount points in most UNIX
E> systems as the Linux Filesystem Structure describes it in
E> http://www.pathname.com/fhs/1.2/fsstnd-3.7.html ?

Quite possible.  But full FHS compliance isn't in Debian yet, and I
don't think the upcoming potato release will have it either.

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