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Backing up a Linux system

Debian Potato (Frozen) with Slink  KDE.

I want to be able to backup my linux system to scsi tape (nst0)
such that, if my hard drive falls into little pieces one bright
sunny day, I can boot from a rescue floppy and restore the lot
onto a new drive without having to re-install anything.

I can certainly do this with OS/2 ( I did have to do it once -
it's amazing what lightning can do) and I'm hoping it is possible
with linux.

I plan to use afio for the backup in conjunction with the
Tomsrtbt rescue floppy (an amazing piece of work).

Naturally I have some questions otherwise you wouldn't be reading

Most parts of the system are straightforward and I could include
mount point directories, such as /cdrom, as long as there is
nothing actually mounted then they would, at least, be
automatically re-created.  I wouldn't need to backup /tmp.

What about /dev?  Could the device files be backed up without
backing up the contents of the said devices?  I did see once that
Midnight Commander could copy a complete linux system onto
another partition so I assume that backing up the /dev directory
could be done.

I'm assuming that the contents of /proc, including any
sub-directories, are generated each time at startup and all that
would need to be done would be to re-create the actual directory.

You are now most welcome to pick my assumptions to pieces and/or
make suggestions.

Barry Samuels

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