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Backup + Recovey on CDR

i am looking for a failsafe solution to save and restore my system. The
sysem basically consists of a web server a samba server mail server and
a database server. I am going to mount my htdocs dir on its own
partition and all the web developers have local copies of everything so
i can cut that out of what i ned to back up. I also want to be able to
mirror my / on a second hard drive weekly in the event of hardive
failure. is there anyway i can make a bottable cdrom weekly with the
system archived on it... so when something goes wrong all i would have
to do is boot from the cdrom and type a simple command and it would copy
all the necasray files to the main hard drive. i can handle the shell
scripting part and all i just need to know what system files i need to
save and what comands i will need to use inorder to back everything up
and restore it all. For instance the cdrom would contain a minimal
install ofdebian or other small linux distro and a tar.gz file of my
root dir maybe? any coments help or links to HOWTOs woould be


p.s. i dont know why i would ever need to recover a crashed a linux
system anyways ;). but my boss is still uneasy and safer is better than
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fn:Jon Bardin

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