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The answer depends on how the proxy is set up...

It might be worth trying setting the http_proxy environment variable
to http://yourproxynamehere:80/ (make sure you export it of course)
This should at least get things like apt working...

The other thing that might be worth looking at ...

Try installing the microsoft proxy client on your win95 partition.

It is often findable on a network share of your proxy 
( \\yourproxyname\mspclnt is usual).  In addition to being able to 
get out through the proxy, mspclnt.ini on the same drive
can give you some hints as to the proxy configuration.

Finally, its possible that the proxy might be set up to only
allow certain users to do certain things, and you may be running
into a permissions problem...

- Chris

PS: How did you manage to ping the outside network.  According to my 
tests and MS documentation, MS proxies don't let pings through to the
outside world!!

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Hi guys!

I have been searching high and low for the answer but no such luck.....I am
attempting to connect by Debian GNU/Linux box to the Net through a Microsoft
Proxy Server 2.0. I can ping outside the local network but whenever I use
dselect, I get an error message. I understand that if the socks is enabled
on the M$ Proxy Server, I can use the socks4/5 client to sockify the
programs which need to connect to the Net, but I think the proxy server
socks is not enabled. Also, I have seen numerous postings regarding the use
of some M$ proprietary "protocol" which allows M$ Internet Explorer (and not
other Web Browsers such as Netscape and Opera) to connect to the Net. I
tried using Lynx in Debian and this is the error messages I get:

HTTP Error 401

401.2 Unauthorised Logon failed due to server configuration.

This error indicates that the credentials passed to the server do not match
the credentials required to logon to the server. This is usually caused by
not sendoing the proper WWW - Authenticate header field. Please contact the
Web server's admin to verify that you have permission to access the
requested resource.

In M$ Windows 95b(on the same box using XOSL), I can connect using only M$
Internet Explorer! Can anyone enlightenment me? Is there a space on the Net
where I can find the answers to this question? Thx.

P/S I am certain my settings on the Debian box is correct!

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Measat Broadcast Network Systems
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