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RE: dhelp problem

On 30-Jul-2000 Jeronimo Pellegrini wrote:
> Hello,
>  I have used dhelp for a while in a standalone woody box, and all
>  worked fine. Now I've  installed apache and glimpse (to use the
>  search feature)... And things seemed to stop working:
>  After installing apache, glimpse, and reinstalling dhelp (probably
>  not necesary, but I did it anyway), dhelp says I have no
>  permission to access http://localhost/doc/HTML/index.html
>  I suppose there should be a "doc" directory under /var/www right?

No. The /doc is mapped to /usr/doc as specified in /etc/apache/srm.conf:
Alias /doc/ /usr/doc/                                                           
## The above line is for Debian webstandard 3.0, which specifies that /doc      
## refers to /usr/doc.  Some packages may not work otherwise. -- apacheconfig 
So check if /usr/doc/HTML/ exists.

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