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Re: sendmail error 553

On Sun, Jul 30, 2000 at 03:45:28PM +0200, Stefan Ott wrote:

> i got two strange problems with sendmail on my potato (i386, kernel

Is there any particular reason why you're running Sendmail?

> ... while talking to mail.desire.ch.:
> >>> MAIL From:<cockroach@desire.ch> SIZE=513
> <<< 553 <cockroach@desire.ch>... >cockroach<@desire.ch.
> 501 5.6.0 cockroach@wiremaniacs.org... Data format er

Your address rewriting seems to be seriously fscked.  It seems that the
address is being rewritten to garbage which is then rejected since it is
meaningless gunk.  The ">cockroach<@desire.ch." appears to be the

I'd suggest either trying another MTA or buying the bat book and looking
at how address rewriting should be done in there.

> if i use a different mail program (tested with netscape messenger) it
> works.

How is Messenger trying to get the mail out?  I'd guess it's bypassing
whichever sendmail thinks it can do rewriting.

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