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sendmail error 553


i got two strange problems with sendmail on my potato (i386, kernel
2.2.16, procmail 3.13.1-3) box. the problems are not exactly the same,
but they produce the same error message, and so they might have the same

i'm using sendmail 8.9.3-23, added the virtusertable
("FEATURE(virtusertable)") in sendmail.mc and configured it using webmin

i asked about this problem in irc channel #debian on irc.debian.org,
checked the bug reports and sendmail.org, but i didn't find anything

first problem:

trying to send mail to any address on that system using mutt will result
in a "Returned mail: see transcript for details". i get the following
information (my local user name is cockroach, from: address is
stefan@desire.ch and to: is cockroach@wiremaniacs.org):

   ----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----
    (reason: 553 <cockroach@desire.ch>... >cockroach<@desire.ch.)

   ----- Transcript of session follows -----
... while talking to mail.desire.ch.:
>>> MAIL From:<cockroach@desire.ch> SIZE=513
<<< 553 <cockroach@desire.ch>... >cockroach<@desire.ch.
501 5.6.0 cockroach@wiremaniacs.org... Data format er

if i use a different mail program (tested with netscape messenger) it

second problem:

i can't send mail directly to a user (like user@host.domain.com), but
only to entries in the virtual usertable. i get exactly the same error
message as mentioned above.

this problem occurs from _EVERY_ client which is not run in a local

as i'm not on this mailinglist, please send a CC of your replies to

thanks a lot

stefan ott                          cellular: +41.79.2459777
stefan@desire.ch                       phone: +41.62.8274115

"life is a sexually transmitted disease with 100% mortality"

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