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Re: Squid

Well I want to filter what is allowed to be accessed. I noticed that when I
choose not to use a proxy in IE I still cann access the web. Is there a
way to stop access to the web unless they use the proxy ?

On Sat, Jul 29, 2000 at 01:53:59PM +1200, C. Falconer wrote:
> Restrict in what way?  Do you want one machine to have permission to use 
> the cache, and another machine to be denied permission?  then look into the 
> ACL rules in squid.conf.
> If you want to filter web pages then look at an externel authenticator 
> program - I use squidGuard (on a slackware box - dunno if theres a 
> deb)  squidGuard has lists of good and bad URLs and can also filter against 
> a couple of regular expressions too.  I used to use it with an Approved 
> list (ie, these are the sites you're allowed), but now I use it as a 
> blocked list (these sites are not allowed)
> At 05:52 PM 7/28/00 -0700, you wrote:
> >I am running a proxy server and would like to restrict access to
> >the web(well atleast some web pages) on one of my clients. What
> >will I need to add to the squid.conf and can I restrict one machine
> >and allow access to another machine on the same network ?
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